Overview of Endeavor Universal Reverse Trike Conversion.

As the title proclaims this is a kit which is used to easily transform most standard motorcycles to a “Reverse Trike” where the dual wheels are up front (2-1 configuration) instead of on the rear (1-2 configuration). Universal as the modular main frame is mated to the motorcycle by means of a patented Adapter Cradle®. Using this configuration the standard modular main frame will fit virtually any motorcycle and can be moved from one motorcycle brand and type to another just by changing the patented Adapter Cradle® and body panels.Also no permanent modifications are done to the original motorcycle in the process.

Main Frame

Regardless of what motorcycle is chosen for conversion this one frame fits all. Encased is the steering, suspension, rigid sway bar and generic mountings.

Adapter Cradle

The actual design of this patented device will vary from motorcycle to motorcycle. The rear facing portion is custom tailored to fit the motorcycle in question. The forward face will always be the same as it will complete the transition from motorcycle to main frame. All particulars pertaining to the given motorcycle will be contained in this “Adapter cradle” assembly. If the motorcycle is water cooled the cradle will house the radiator and any other devices for the particular motorcycle. If air cooled the cradle will house an auxiliary thermostatically controlled 14″ high output fan to enhance engine cooling during parade speeds or at stop lights.
And better yet – the original motorcycle is not altered as this cradle bolts directly to the frame via existing fastening points or by custom attachments in the cradle itself – your motorcycle can be easily restored to it’s original condition at any time.

Customizable Body Panels

Fresh side panels

Fresh side panels

Unlike normal trike conversion the Endeavor conversion uses interchangeable and customizable exterior body panels to complete the look. These panels are easily removed (less than 5 minutes and only 2 bolts). Any combination of panels may be installed and there could be literally an infinite number of choices. You can change the complete look of your kit in minutes any time you wish. Also by just removing just two bolts the panels may be removed so you can perform service or gain access to engine front locations.