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Greetings from NY

Hi Norm

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Endeavor Trike. You have rekindled our love for riding and we are so looking forward to next riding season. About 5 years ago I had to give up riding my knees got to bad for us to safely ride, since that time I had my knees replaced and thought I would buy another Bike. I bought my 2006 Yamaha Royal Star and found I was still having difficulty in Parking Lot, U turns and just general slow speed riding I have been riding Motorcycles for 50 years and my riding skills were just not the same. I really could not afford to spend 20 to 30 K for a trike. Then I saw your ad having the ability to make any motorcycle a front wheel trike and for less then half the cost of a used trike. That was really our lucky day since receiving it back from you we have put over 2000 miles on the endeavor and have enjoyed every minute of it. As you know it does take some adjusting but after only a few hundred miles we were very comfortable riding. Thank You so much for giving us our passion back and we look forward to riding for many years to come. You can give my Email address and Name to anyone interested in having their bikes converted and I can attest to the value for them doing it especially if they have a safe riding concern on a 2 wheeler.

Thank You again and Make the right turn.

Jim and Flora
Binghamton NY



Hi Norm,

I have been really enjoying my trike, including some gravel, dirt mountain passes that I would not have even considered on two wheels.  My latest was Montezuma pass out of Sierra Vista, Az. to Sonoita Az. Pretty rough, very steep in some areas, with 180 switchbacks.


Gary H