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2006 Honda GL1800 Goldwing

Good morning Norm. I wanted to wait on sending you a message on the trike until I had the chance to give it a proper test. It was finally warm enough to make a long trip. We rode the trike from our home in northern Minnesota to Wisconsin Dells. While there we took advantage of several days of riding the many back roads and hills surrounding the Dells. It was a heck of a trip.

Before getting into the trip, I want to tell you my experience of learning to ride the new trike conversion. As you told me, it would take considerable riding to become accustomed to the differences. You were spot on. I had no recent experience riding snow mobiles or 4-wheelers so I was at a disadvantage. The obstacles that were presented were primarily just learning to relax and trust the new feel. Cornering, wind and driving at speed were issues I needed to conquer. None of these were anything more than me trusting the feel and getting more riding in.

The ride to the Dells and rides at the Dells were largely unremarkable. We stayed away from freeway driving and concentrated on riding state and federal highways in route and county roads while there. The trip home was uneventful until the last 80 miles. The wind came up and presented a cross wind of about 15-20mph. It was a good test and the trike was excellent.

The last 35 miles was a whole different animal. I am not a weather expert but I will try to explain. Our riding partners were about 20 minutes ahead of us. They experienced some of what we experienced but I think to a somewhat lesser degree. We were in open farm country on a US highway. We were hit with what I think was a micro burst with a down blast of cold air and rain. As this hit the ground it bent at us from the left side and became a wind sheer. It has been extremely dry here all year. This resulted in conditions that seemed like the “dust bowl” only with rain so it was blowing almost mud. Visibility was down to about 50 feet and we had no where to stop and shelter. The wind (and this is my estimate from my years in the wind at sea) was blowing in excess of 50 knots. It was ugly. I say this with absolute conviction: I believe the trike conversion saved our lives. It held the road and plowed through without a hitch. Our friends ahead of us were riding their Goldwing at a 45 degree angle and were nearly blown off the road ( and they didn’t experience the same degree of wind that we did).

With all that, I want to say thank you for creating a marvelous change to my Goldwing. The oohs and aahs we get when we ride is really fun. We rode past a family in a parking lot and one little boy hollered out “WOW”. Again, thanks Norm.


Honda GL1800 Goldwing

I’m loving the ride. I was buzzing all over town get use to the turns and how the feeling of the road was going to be. Friday we went out on a long cross country trip. Everything rode great. When I thought about what I was doing, that’s when I got nervous. So I started to look around and things settled down. Until! Yes there is until in the story. My new alternator went out on me about 150 miles from home. I’m glad it was under warranty and my dad knew what we needed to trailer me home. Now I’m waiting on parts. Thank you for the Great job you did on my bike. I’m looking forward to bragging to everyone that sees it.

Jerry S

Honda GL1800 Goldwing

Hey Norm, How ya doing? How was your trip to Utah? I have almost 20,000 miles on the conversion and still love it!

Jim L

Yamaha Royal Star

Greetings from NY

Hi Norm

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Endeavor Trike. You have rekindled our love for riding and we are so looking forward to next riding season. About 5 years ago I had to give up riding my knees got to bad for us to safely ride, since that time I had my knees replaced and thought I would buy another Bike. I bought my 2006 Yamaha Royal Star and found I was still having difficulty in Parking Lot, U turns and just general slow speed riding I have been riding Motorcycles for 50 years and my riding skills were just not the same. I really could not afford to spend 20 to 30 K for a trike. Then I saw your ad having the ability to make any motorcycle a front wheel trike and for less then half the cost of a used trike. That was really our lucky day since receiving it back from you we have put over 2000 miles on the endeavor and have enjoyed every minute of it. As you know it does take some adjusting but after only a few hundred miles we were very comfortable riding. Thank You so much for giving us our passion back and we look forward to riding for many years to come. You can give my Email address and Name to anyone interested in having their bikes converted and I can attest to the value for them doing it especially if they have a safe riding concern on a 2 wheeler.

Thank You again and Make the right turn.

Jim and Flora
Binghamton NY

Silver GL1800

Hi Norm,

I have been really enjoying my trike, including some gravel, dirt mountain passes that I would not have even considered on two wheels.  My latest was Montezuma pass out of Sierra Vista, Az. to Sonoita Az. Pretty rough, very steep in some areas, with 180 switchbacks.


Gary H

Yellow GL1800

Here’s my update on the Endeavor reverse kit I had done my 2010 Goldwing. I reverse triked it with 92,600 miles on it, I now have 103,700 on it now.The steering did take some getting used to, a little more than when I went darkside but all is well. IMO, it handles very well including 15-30+ crosswinds and freeway+ speeds. The mileage did go down, but if I keep it under 27-2900 RPM, I can still get 180-190 miles out of a tank, using the lowest grade possible. Above 3000 rpm, you can almost watch the gauge go down, LOL. It handles well in the corners for me, most of you know I’m not a twisty rider. Riding in the rain is not a problem, but as with any bike you do need to pay attention to hydroplaning. Overall comfort is very good, I can still do 1000 mile + days on stock seat and beads is no problem. Temp guage has never moved from where it’s always been, even in heavy traffic. The customer service after the sale has been outstanding IMO, questions answered quickly. I did happen to stop by the shop and have Norm give it a 10,000 mile checkup and all was good, got me right in and out. Disclaimer: I did not ride any other trikes before this, couple of friends have other brands but they were in the shop. I will ride others to compare it to mine. Would I recommend it, yes.

Jim L

Harley Police Special

I have been very happy with the trike, from the moment I first began talking with Norm about doing the conversion.  He is very easy to deal with and genuinely cares that his customers are happy with their new trikes.  I have had no trouble with it.  It takes a bit of practice to get fully comfortable with steering the trike as opposed to turning by leaning, which is fully ingrained in all motorcycle riders. When I told Norm of my desire to keep the essence of the retired police bike, he was pleased to carry that out. My trike is a 1998 Harley FLHTPI, with the last year of the venerable Evolution engine.  It runs great and has had no problems.  I would recommend Endeavor Trikes to anyone who wants a well built 3-wheeler built by the man who invented (and patented) the universal frame.  The trike is stable and can run on just about any road surface.

Although the conversion is not cheap, I feel the quality is well worth it. I don’t think you will regret taking your bike to Endeavor Trikes.

David M

Victory Vision

Hi Norm. I absolutely love the trike. Can’t believe your talent. Have put about 250 miles on it and become much more comfortable. The fuel mileage was about 26 mpg. The mileage for the last 96 miles was 31.2 mpg so it is coming up. I think if it ends up around 32 mpg at 60 mph that is probably about what I can expect. I use the reverse sparingly but there are occasions where it comes in handy. I’m just not patient enough to wait for it most of the time. Anyway thought I’d give you an update.

Take care, Dave.

Honda Valkyrie

Wife and I have been very happy with Norm’s work. His workmanship is very professional. He is honest and does what he says he is going to do.  We have a little less than 6 thousand miles on the trike. It takes a little getting use to, although it handles very well and rides good.   We have ridden in five different states and all kind of roads from the most twisted mountains to gravel to interstate.   No matter where we go there are always someone admiring it and wanting to know where we got it and who makes it.

Thanks Wes