General Maintenance Tips and information

Items requiring seasonal or regular maintenance – in general none

  1. Greasing – ball joints – tie rod ends etc – No maintenance required lifetime
  2. Repack wheel bearing – 10 years or 50,000 miles standard bearing grease
  3. Wheel alignment (toe adjust) only required if tires show odd wear – contact for advice on free adjustments
  4. wheel balancing – recommend only properly installed weights (other methods not recommended or supported)
  5. Front tires – (Achilles ATR Sport 175/60R15 81H BSW Tires) recommended – 15.5lbs pressure (Do not use Run Flat tires)
  6. Rear tires (if automotive – Goldwings)  195/60×16 Non Run Flat only – set to 26-28 psi

#1 Brake Bleeding Procedure

#2 Body Panel Installation

#3 Caster and Camber info

#4 Toe-in check and adjust info

#5 Shock and Level Adjust

#6 Residual Backflow valve replace and brake bleed procedure

#7 Wink Lite removal and replacement instructions

#6 Parts List

Misc Tips and Tricks  = How to Ride a trike video

#1 Cleaning up the Chrome

#2 Alternator Replacement

#3 Weld Splatter work around

#4 GL1800 differential fail and info

#5 How to safely transport and strap down a trike